[Excel] – How to use today and now functions

What is Today and Now functions in Microsoft Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, dates will be stored as sequential numbers , and we can use for calculations. Today and Now functions are categorized under Date and Time functions. By default, Excel treats serial number 1 as “January 01, 1900”. Date and Time functions are useful to get system date and time stamp. Date and time values will be populated depends on operating system and timezone.

Today and Now functions syntax:

Today and Now functions does not required any functional arguments (checkout my other post to learn more about functional arguments). When we use Today function system date will be return in cell, by default MM/DD/YYYY format.When we use Now function system date along with the timestamp in 24 hours format (refer below screenshot).



img: Today and Now function in Microsoft Excel

(Check out the below video to know more about Today and Now function with demo)

Examples of usage Today and Now functions in Microsoft Excel

For example, if we want to display 10 days from current date or current date along with the time automatically. Then we can write functions in cell as :



If today’s date is 1st March 2020 then in cell value will be 10th March 2020, and it will change automatically when ever system date and time changes.

Also, we can add negative (-ve) values to go back to past dates, and we can combine with other functions.

NOTE: When you are working with TODAY and NOW functions, you need to be think about whether the values need to be update automatically or should be fixed values. If you want to fix the values then paste special formula as values, so that values will not be change automatically.

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